About Us
At Clean As A Whisker, we believe pets are people too! We are
dedicated to treating your pets with the best of care, and making
them look great! We only use the finest products when pampering
your furry family members. We also make our own bows and
bandannas so every dog leaves the salon looking as cute as
possible! Whether you want a fancy, fluffy style, or clipped as
short as possible, we style your pet to suit your needs!

Clean As A Whisker opened in March 2007. We provide dog and
cat grooming services and have a variety of pet care products.

Gina Cashen: Co-Owner, Groomer
Gina has had dogs and cats all her life, began training and showing
her dogs in 2001, and has been professionally grooming since
2002. She is a 2005 graduate of the Michigan School of Canine
Cosmetology. Gina has f
ive dogs of her own. Four Samoyeds and a
Chihuahua mix. She competes in dog shows with the Samoyeds.
hree of them are AKC Champions.

Sasha Leveille: Co-Owner. Groomer
Sasha began grooming in 1997 and fell in love with it. Sasha has a
Hairless Chinese Crested named Jynnx. She loves seeing all the
dogs and caring for them like her own.  Sasha has had cats all her
life. Because her mom rescued cats, she has learned their
different personalities and how to handle a scared cat.
She has four children, three girls and one boy.
Sasha does most of the bathing, drying, and brushing of our furry
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Gina with three of her dogs:  Layne,
Gir, and Rio
Updated: Jan. 13, 2014