Special Extras:

Oral Hygiene Package: Tooth brushing, dental rinse, and breath freshener..... $5

Soft Claws: Soft rubber tips applied to your dog's  nails, prevents scratching...... $5 front or rear feet or $10
front and rear. Available in Black or clear

Nail Grinding: Nails are ground and smoothed after clipping...$5

Paw Wax: Protects and conditions dog's paws all year round. Helps prevent paw damage from gravel, asphalt, ice,
snow, salt-treated roads, hot pavement, and all hard surfaces. Also provides grip on slippery surfaces....$1

Aloe Remoisturize(Remo)r: Adds moisture to skin and coat, helps relieve itching...$5

Hot Oil Treatments: Special blend of natural, herbal oils infuse moisture into dry, flaky, and itchy skin....... $5

Hair Dye: Semi Permanent hair color.  Small dog ears, feet, or tail....$5 / Large Dog tail, ears, or feet....$10
Extra Charges:

Flea clean-up charge: We cannot accept pets with fleas for grooming. If we find fleas on your pet
you will be charged a fee of $10 for a flea bath which includes our Remo conditioner to sooth flea
bitten skin.  All pets must be on flea preventatives before making an appointment with us.

Dematting: The first 15 minutes of mat removal is included in the bath or groom price. There is a
charge over 15 minutes. We will not demat your pet for more than an hour. Your pet's comfort
and safety is our first concern. Dematting is uncomfortable for pets and would be best to have
your pet get a short haircut and start over, making sure your pet is groomed often enough to
keep your pet tangle free.

Dematting.... $1/minute
Clean As A Whisker is a full service Pet Salon for your furry companions.

All Baths include:
* Bath with specialized shampoo for your pet
* Calming aromatherapy Blueberry Facial
* Hand  fluff drying(no cage drying)
* Full brush out, carding and undercoat removal
* Nails clipped
* Ear canals cleaned
* Pads scooped out and feet trimmed
* Sanitary trim(around butt, tummy, and privates)
* Face trim(around eyes, if needed)
* Bows or bandanna, nail polish, and fresh scent

**** Anal glands expressed and ear hair removed by request only

Our Full Grooms include:
* All full grooms include everything in bath plus all over hair cut and style of your choice.
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